About Cammarata Dossier

Camarata Four publicity postcard (1930-33)

Camarata Four publicity postcard (1930-33). Photo courtesy of Florette Camarata.

Cammarata Dossier explores the adventures of one unique family of Sicilian musical performers.  These vignettes wander from Italian origins, through arrival in America at Ellis Island, and across Vaudeville, Prohibition and Depression eras – up to the 1960’s.

Vintage photographs, artifacts, clippings, ephemera, recordings and recollections become gathered together from many sources and circumstances.

Connections, correspondences and curious findings inform the heritage of the Cammarata (or Camarata) family.  Extended entertainment collaborations inspire yet more Myth, Music and Melodrama.

The purpose of this collection is to share, delight and educate.  Content is based on careful, extensive, ongoing investigation, but the results remain subject to inconsistency due to occasional name confusion, misspelling and undocumented information.

Comments, suggestions and further connections are welcome.


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